Romanian Chinese Cooperation Conference
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Confucius Institute

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12 MAY 2015

SENATE HALL - 2 L. Blaga Street, 2nd floor

Registration of participants

Opening speeches:

Prof. Sc.D. Ioan Bondrea - Rector, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
Mr. Bian Zhengdong
– Education Office, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Romania
Prof.ScD. Constantin Oprean – President of the University Senate and President of the Confucius Institute at LBUS: Fundamental Strategies of China’s Sustainable Development

Keynote speeches:

Prof. Ph.D. Ding Chao (Beijing Foreign Studies University) – Cultural Relations and Human Interaction between China and Romania: Retrospectives and Perspectives
Prof. Ph.D. Zhang Baojun
(Beijing Language and Culture University) – International Education in the Context of Globalization
Prof. Ph.D. Jia Lieying (Beijing Language and Culture University) – The Development of Responsibility to Protect Within the Framework of the United Nations
Prof. Ph.D. Liu Ke (Beijing Language and Culture University) – Why the Next 10 Years is Crucial for China
Prof.Sc.D. Ioan Bondrea, Prof.Sc.D. Constantin Oprean, Prof. Song Shaofeng, Assoc.Prof. Daniela Preda, Assoc.Prof Camelia Oprean, Assoc.Prof Eva-Nicoleta Burdusel
The Confucius Institute at LBUS: Centre for Excellence and Sustainable Development

1300-1500 Lunch University Canteen

SENIOR COMMON ROOM (6 Banatului Street) – Room 11

1500-1650 Chair: Eva-Nicoleta Burdusel

Session I: Identifying a common denominator (cultural diplomacy, education, language)

Camelia Oprean, Eva-Nicoleta Burdușel (LBUS, Faculty of Economics/Faculty of Letters and Arts) - The Role of Education in Increasing the Innovation Potential of the Economies. The Case of Romania and China
Eva-Nicoleta Burdusel, Camelia Oprean (LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts/ Faculty of Economics) - The Role of Heritage Asset in Cultural Diplomacy - A Parallel Analysis of the Carpathians and the Great Wall
Laura Craciunean (LBUS, Faculty of Law) – Cultural Diplomacy in European-Chinese Foreign Relations
Simina Terian (LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – Changes to the Perception of China in the Romanian Public Discourse
Aurel Papari, Andra Seceleanu
(Andrei Saguna University of Constanta) - Reframing Cultural Diplomacy: The case of Windows of Shanghai in Romania
Iulia Gita
(Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu) – Phono-Semantic Structure of Pictophonetic Characters

1710-1900 Chair: Andrei Terian

Session II: Parallel mirrors (travelogues and representations of identity)

Romulus Bucur (Transilvania University of Brasov) – Et in Terra Serum Ego. Romanian Writers Travelling to China
Gheorghe Mihut
(Director, “Sigismund Toduta” Music and Arts Highschool in Deva; Confucius Classroom) – Art as a Common Denominator of Confucius Institutes and Classes in Romania
Yang Zhaoyu (Hanban – Confucius Institute in Brasov) – The Poetry Exchange between China and Romania
Dragos Varga
(LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – Images of China in Romanian Travelogues
Alexiu Tatu
(Manager, Sibiu County Archives) – A Romanian Perception of China’s Image at the End of the 19th Century and the Beginning of the 20th Century
Andrei Terian (LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – Literary Representations of China in Romania before World War II

SENIOR COMMON ROOM (6 Banatului Street) – Room 12

1500-1650 Chair: Dragos Varga

Session III: Cultural connections (Literature, art and spirituality)

Andreea Chirita (LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) - Going Global or Zou xiang shijie in the Context of Chinese Translation Studies
Luminita Birsan Puiulet
(LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – Romanian-Chinese Cultural Interactions: Performing Arts
Ciprian Toroczkai
(LBUS, Faculty of Theology) – Russian Orthodox Mission in Asia. Historical and Ideological Landmarks
Daniela Preda
(ULBS, Faculty of Theology) – Pantha Rei. Cu Mo Yan, despre schimbare în China
Ovidiu Matiu
(LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – (Post)Feminist Representations of Chinese Women in the Fiction of Pearl S. Buck and Maxine Hong Kingston
Radu Vancu
(LBUS, Faculty of Letters and Arts) – Orientalism in Alexandru Macedonski’s Poetry
Li Caiyue (Hanban - Confucius Institute in Sibiu) – A Comparative Approach to Mao Dun and Camil Petrescu

10-1900 Chair: Laura Craciunean

Session IV: Past, Present and Future (History, Politics and Society)

Elena Macavei (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu) – Confucius’ Moral Code
Silviu Nate
(LBUS, Faculty of Socio-Human Sciences) – Romania between EU and Eurasia: Geopolitical Challenges
Liu Qian
(Hanban - Confucius Institute in Sibiu) – The Impact of Confucius Institute on China-Romania Relations
Emanuel Tavala (LBUS, Faculty of Law) - Rule of law vs. Rule of Men. The Traditional Chinese Concept of Rule of Law/Rechtsstaat and the Challenges of the 21st Century
Emilia Tomescu
(LBUS, Faculty of Socio-Human Sciences) – Contemporary China and “soft power”
Iolanda Tighiliu
(Ovidius University of Constanta, Director Confucius Classroom) – A Historical Perspective of Romanian-Chinese Relations

1900 Dinner
– University Canteen

13 MAY 2015


SENIOR COMMON ROOM (6 Banatului Street) – Room 12

930 – 1100 Chair: Liu Qian

Adelina Alexandra Popa: The Life of Confucius
Flavia Ioana Chinces
: Confucian Education
Irina Plesca
: Education in Ancient China
Anca Mircea
: Ancient Chinese Military

1115 – 1245 Chair: Zhang Bei

Gabriela Fechete: Wu Zetien the Only Woman Emperor in Chinese History
Ioana Elena Todor
: Dee Gong An
Denisa Andrea Seceta
: Guan Yu, the Sacred Warrior of Loyalty and Righteousness
Sabina Andreea Savu
: Cross-cultural Variations in Chinese and Western Politeness
Alexandra Zait
: Chinese Myths and Legends

1300 - 1400 Lunch

1400 – 1530 Chair: Zhang Yinzhou

Alina Dan: Chinese Art and Culture
Diana Mihu
: Chinese Painting
Ana-Maria Filigean
: Chinese Customs and Traditions
Paula Piticas: Chinese and Romanian Traditional Clothing
Florina Bunescu
: Chinese Clothing

1545 - 1715 Chair: Li Caiyue

Teodora Badea: Chinese festivals
Sasu Ana Irina
: Philosophical basis of TCM
Georgiana Ioana Oancea
: Chinese Herbal Therapy
Basarabă Ana-Maria
: Chinese Tea
Lungu Raluca
: China’s Museums

14 MAY 2015

Confucius Institute Library (Faculty of Letters and Arts - room 28)

1000 – 1130

Round table: Economic and Educational Integration in the Context of Romanian-Chinese Cooperation

1130 - 1200

Concluding Remarks